have embellished his resume by claiming that he graduated from the University of Texas.This was the man who was sending directives to world renowned climate scientists on what they should say about Global Warming.He promptly resigned.

This incident,like many others in this administration, shows a mad race among the faithful to become ” A Made
Man/Woman” of this administration by performing acts that would be deemed illegal or insane in rational circles.Starting with Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld, whose contempt for the Constitution provides the framework for the Capos like Libby,Hadley,Cambone and lesser lights one could say the U.S. Government now openly acts like a criminal enterprise with the more brazen ones being rewarded the most.

What is different about this administration is that it wants the world to know that nothing can stop its mad march and all the old conventions among nations have broken down, with the U.S. poking its thumb in other’s eyes.Given their desire to show off who is boss,the next episode in this madness is likely to be more brutal and more bloody than anything we have experienced in the past four and a half years. All systems are go for these evil pricks.

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