The DNC just rolled out personal fundraising bats! From Joe Rospars’ outstanding Kos diary, Dean’s DNC: The Bat is in Your Hands

The bat is a powerful symbol for me and a lot of people — a symbol of empowerment, a symbol of hope. In the nearly two years since the campaign ended, it has become a symbol of what might have been.

But over the course of the last year, as part of Governor Dean’s team reorienting and rebuilding the Democratic Party, it has become a symbol of what is, and what will be. Ordinary Americans are empowered in politics today as never before, and the Democratic National Committee under Governor Dean’s leadership is not only breaking fundraising records but breaking new ground by putting grassroots organizers on the ground across the country and developing a new kind of relationship with people.

Here’s the link to create your own bat. And here’s the link to our brand new Howard-Empowered People bat. Who will be the first to give it a swing?

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