I just watched a really “absurd junction of dysfunction” horror movie. “Hide and Seek.” Don’t rent it or watch it unless you’re without options. Why did Robert DeNiro do this movie? So, what’s the worst movie you’ve seen lately?
     P.S. I’ve been rummaging around the NYT site, and found this:

     A final absurd junction of dysfunction was reached on Wednesday, when Republican Party leaders awarded Tom DeLay with a seat on the Appropriations subcommittee overseeing the Justice Department, which is investigating Jack Abramoff, including his connections to Tom DeLay.

     Perfect. – Maureen Dowd

      These guys keep getting everything they want, don’t they. They’re like the biggest monsters in Doom: No matter how many times they get shot, they just keep comin’ at us, snatching up more power. even all-powerful Appropriations seats. Talk about “it keeps on tickin’.”

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