Update [2006-2-13 2:6:47 by BooMan]: Editor & Publisher reports that:

The more than 18-hour delay in news emerging that the Vice President of the United States had shot a man, sending him to an intensive care unit with his wounds, grew even more curious late Sunday. E&P has learned that the official confirmation of the shooting came about only after a local reporter in Corpus Christi, Texas, received a tip from the owner of the property where the shooting occured and called Vice President Cheney’s office for confirmation.

The confirmation was made but there was no indication whether the Vice President’s office, the White House, or anyone else intended to announce the shooting if the reporter, Jaime Powell of the Corpus Christ Caller-Times, had not received word from the ranch owner

Shakespeare’s Sister makes an interesting point:

It never ceases to amaze me that no matter what name appears in any news story with any prominent member of the administration, they always seem to be attached to some scandal in George Bush’s past.

In this case, the scandal relates to the Texas Funeral Services Commission (where Cheney’s victim served) and the Service Corporation International. It’s a long story but it also involved former FEMA boss Joe Allbaugh…the man that brought Michael Brown to Washington and made him his successor. We know how that turned out.

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