I am forgiving myself for posting two diaries in one night. I started trying to get the other one up last night…so that makes it ok.  

The blog has been having write-ups this week of some of the great local activity. Memphis, TN, appears to have a very active group.   This is an excellent write-up about their candidates’ forum.   This is true activism at work.

DFA Candidates Forum Kicks Off Congressional Race in Memphis

The Democracy for Memphis Congressional Candidate Forum was held this week at the home of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW). I am pleased to say that the event was a huge success! We secured the involvement of seven exciting candidates and received messages from campaign workers representing two other candidates who could not attend.

The format was simple. Each candidate was given up to three minutes of time to make an opening statement. Then, in alphabetical order, each candidate was given a question picked at random from the pool of submitted questions provided by DFM and members of other local groups and progressive individuals. The candidates were given up to three minutes to respond. Following that the other candidates were given 90 seconds each to respond to the question. Finally each Candidate made a two minute closing statement.

This blog post goes into detail about the candidates and has their pictures as well.   I will just post the group picture.

There was also a candidates’ forum in New Hampshire.

DFA Candidate Forum: Durham, NH

The Rockingham/Strafford branch of Democracy for America hosted their candidate forum this past weekend, drawing over 75 people from the surrounding area to hear each of the four congressional candidates state their positions. The event, put together by DFA’s own Monica Smith, included four local candidates: Gary Dodds of Rye; Col. Peter Duffy of Manchester; Carol Shea-Porter of Rochester; and Peter Sullivan of Manchester. Each had their own views on where the current administration is going wrong:

During the forum, sponsored by the Rockingham/Strafford branch of Democracy for America and by the University of New Hampshire College Democrats, the candidates raised concerns about Bradley and the Republican-run House of Representatives’ approach to health care, education and a federal deficit.

Carol Shea-Porter

Gary Dodds of Rye

Other groups are going to be posting theirs as well.  

Meanwhile Jim Dean and the DFA staff travel all over the country.  We had a chance to meet him in Orlando last year.   This is a post at the blog about a visit to Maryland recently.

A Peek at Severna Park

A Peek at Severna Park
Jim Dean, Chair of Democracy for America, as well as Dina Wolkoff, our Finance Director, made a trip to Severna Park, Maryland to join DFA supporters and the MD Democratic Party Chair, Terry Lierman. John Schneider hosted the event in his home:

Jim Dean and Terry Lierman

And in case you missed it at Daily Kos, Jim Dean had a very righteous post up yesterday about supporting Ciro Rodriguez against Henry Cuellar, and he even calls Cuellar a Dino.  Here is a link to that post.  

Settling the Score

Just a few paragraphs from that:

This same Congressman recently became the first and only Democrat to be endorsed by the Club for Growth. Remember the Club for Growth — the ultra right-wing organization responsible for some of the most vile attack ads you can imagine — including two vicious ads that attacked Howard Dean and his “body piercing, Hollywood-loving, left-wing freak show.”

You have a chance to fight back and settle the score with George Bush, Tom DeLay, The Club for Growth and their hand-picked, faux-Democrat, by helping elect former Congressman, Ciro Rodriguez, who is fighting to win this Democratic primary next month. Ciro fought for our progressive values in Congress for eight years, and when he goes back to Washington in 2006, he’ll stand up for progressive values again.

By standing together and putting our resources behind Ciro Rodriguez we can show the people of Texas — and the nation — the difference we can make.


Jim Dean
Chair, Democracy for America
P.S. When Ciro wins, it will put DINOs (Democrats In Name Only) like Henry Cuellar on notice that we’re not afraid to fight back and unite behind candidates who share our values. Please make a contribution to Ciro Rodriguez’s campaign today:
Fight Back

This is how you make the change you need.  Working on the ground, making yourself heard.  

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