Howard Dean yesterday blamed President Bush for the deaths of thousands of Hurricane Katrina victims – prompting a swift rebuke from Republicans.

Appearing in Boston before members of the New England Press Association, the failed presidential candidate sharply criticized Bush for failing to respond to the disaster.

“Michael Brown is testifying that he had direct contact with the (president’s) chief of staff – as the levees were breaking,” Dean said, referring to the former FEMA head’s testimony before a congressional committee yesterday. “Thousands of people died in New Orleans because the president didn’t pay attention and denied that he knew about it. . . . it turns out that wasn’t true.”-from the Boston Herald story.

If you require additional evidence of the truth of Dean’s comment, see “GOP panel blasts U.S. response to Katrina,” from today’s Washington Post, with the headline courtesy of the Seattle Times.

Executive Summary:

“…leaders from President Bush down disregarded ample warnings of the threat to New Orleans and did not execute emergency plans or share information that would have saved lives, according to a blistering report by House investigators.”

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