That’s right establishment Democrats, both politicians and consultants. Time to call a spade a spade. Republicans are liars. Not misinformed. Not misleading the public. Not omitting to tell all the relevant facts. Not spinning. Not reading from a script of prepared talking points. Not parsing words.

Pure and simple, Republicans are LIARS.

Got it? When you appear on television, or on radio, don’t hesitate to use the word that best describes what Republicans are doing: LYING. Trust me, it’s easy once you get started. Here, let me get you going with a just brief list of some of their whoppers:

(Steven D’s handy dandy list of “LIES THE GOP TOLD YOU” follows below the fold)

They lied about not taking bribes.

They lied about who outed CIA operative, Valerie Plame Wilson, to the Press.

They lied about the intelligence they used to justify the War in Iraq.

They lied about President Bush’s meetings with confessed criminal, Jack Abramoff.

They lied about how much the Medicare Prescription plan was going to cost taxpayers.

They lied about spying on American citizens without first obtaining warrants.

They lied about the air quality in and around the World Trade Center after the collapse of the towers.

They lied about the “K Street Project.”

They lied about the revenue enhancing benefits of Bush’s tax cuts.

They lied about Terry Schiavo’s condition.

They lied about Michael Schiavo’s alleged abuse of his wife, Terry.

They lied about when they knew the levees had broken in New Orleans.

They lied about Bush’s record of creating new jobs for the economy.

They lied when they said we’d be greeted as liberators by the Iraqi people.

They lied when they said Saddam had close ties with Al Qaida.

They lied when they said Iraq had sought to buy 500 tons of raw uranium from Niger.

They lied about the danger to Social Security if we didn’t adopt Bush’s plan for “personal” accounts.

They lied about John Kerry’s service in Vietnam.

They lied about Max Cleland’s patriotism.

They lied about the reality of Global Warming.

They lied about their attempts to silence government scientists from speaking out.

They lied about Jeff Gannon’s “special relationship” with the White House.

They lied when they claimed the Abramoff scandal was a “bi-partisan” issue.

They lied when they said the Senate Intelligence Committee would hold hearings on how intelligence about Iraq was misused by the administration in the runup to the war.

They lied when they said we don’t do torture.

They lied when they said they support the troops.

And Democratic Party regulars, rest assured these are far from all the lies Republicans have told over the course of the last few years. I’m sure you can find a lot more if you bother to look for them. In fact, I bet you probably already know a bunch more I haven’t mentioned here. Just don’t be afraid to call them what they are: LIES told by REPUBLICAN LIARS.

Because in this case, the truth won’t hurt you.