Cavity Emptour:  I’m cross posting this story (not verbatim) from my blog, because frankly, it’s new, and nobody reads it…

Campus Crusade for Christ International

  A small article in an obscure NC newspaper struck me. I’ve heard about the mailing of videos before, just never thought about being so close to home…

After the Fold….
…But, We’re not done yet, here in North Carolina, the “christocrats” continue their crusade…

 “Churches in Harnett and Johnston counties are participating in a national campaign to have the “JESUS” video mailed to every home in America.”

This mass marketing is being driven by a group called “Campus Crusade for Christ International”.

  Google them, and it will be page after page of links touting this organization. With none of the usual Hue and Response type links from the blogosphere…just one link after another describing the wonderous nature of this organization. (Note: I found one link trying to counter this indoctrination, out of 800!)

  This is a HUGELY funded program, fostered, and prostletized on our College Campuses. They are organized to the point, an army would feel nervous.

 Nevermind, the cultish enrollment of young minds against evolution, just consider what the secular, reasonable population is up against!!!

 Have at it…

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