Yes. Accused murderer Neil Entwistle’s plane from the UK to the U.S. is landing soon. (“Neil Entwistle was handed over the custody of US marshals at Gatwick Airport” – From Fox News) I hope that all three cable news networks carry live the landing of the plane — even from a remote distance at which one can see nothing. It is the most important story of the day. Fox News is on top of it. … And live on CNN, Dick Cheney is walking into the White House (… and GOOD for Kyra Phillips (one of CNN’s better hosts) for saying that she understands the V.P. is going to give an interview “on another network” and not giving FOX News any free publicity … ) … OPEN THREAD:

Update [2006-2-15 14:59:42 by susanhu]: A “teaser” for the Cheney interview was just aired on Fox. Cheney was interviewed by Brit Hume (ugh). This was pre-taped and edited by Fox — they’re not playing it in full until 6pm ET. (I wonder if Cheney’s people get to “vet” the interview and make edits to it. Oh no. That’d never happen.)

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