With a mini-news roundup:

IRAN: Russia tell Bush to back off his war plans for Iran, here. France, on the other hand, talks tough. Our beloved Secretary of State, meanwhile, stokes the propaganda fires declaring Iran to be the “central banker of terrorism.”

IRAQ: Those Iraqi bases are looking more permanent every day; why they even have a miniture golf course and an ersatz Starbucks! Meanwhile the Japanese and British plan their exit strategies. Also, the dangerous security situation in Iraq is good news for cell phone service suppliers, while Shi’ite death squads roam the land in search of Sunnis , as negotiations over the formation of a new government continue to stagnate.

Bushlandia: More money wanted ($65 billion more) to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, here. Meanwhile, the President moves on regarding the “Cheney-shot-a-man-in-the-face-gate” scandal. And the President takes his “less health insurance so you can pay more out of your own pocket” health reform plan on the road. In the “good news for book lovers” category, Kurt Vonnegut explains how his contempt for Bush brought him out of retirement, here. Let’s all celebrate by buying his new book!

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