To those of you who are so willing to destroy the party we have now instead of getting involved and working for change….just remember some things.

We have 5 children.  Our sons are pretty well off.  Our daughters are not, they are just average, getting by everyday people.  

The only reason they can look ahead to the Social Security they will get in their 60s, to add to whatever savings they can manage….is because the Democrats held together to stop its destruction.  If you scatter out to all kinds of 3rd parties, what will happen to that.

Most of our Democrats did NOT vote for the disastrous Medicare bill.  It would not have passed without Nick Smith having his arm twisted in late night session.

I don’t like the votes many have taken, but guess what…they are starting to pay attention whether they want to or not.  The primaries are where we will make the difference.
If you leave and diminish the Democrats in a year that we have a good chance of winning back on part of congress, what will you gain?

Who is going to stand up for few remaining rights of women?  Not every Democrat is like Tim Kaine in his views on women.  Not all are like Casey in his anti-choice views.   Very few are anti-gay at all.  Governor Dean is being blasted here on this issue which is very unfair.  Only one side is being presented, and that is not playing fair.  

For those of us who are not part of the gay community, it is hard to see past the words you are saying.  But I have done some checking into it, and most of that community are keeping an open mind on what Howard Dean is organizing.  The paper that started this bashing hired on Jeff Gannon unapologetically.  That should tell you something.

Who is going to stand for the rights of any of us when all the groups scatter.  A man was on radio today saying that the Black community should form its own party.  Again, Governor Dean is constantly meeting with them, discussing their issues.  

Labor unions, who will stand up for them?  Most of my family are Republicans, and through all the years of catapulting the propaganda….they have been taught to hate unions.  They despise them, there is no way to reason with them.  The Democrats did a lousy job for a while, but Edwards and Dean and Kerry and others are working with them.  

None of us are going to get all our issues and wishes fully met, it just is not going to happen.  I am far older than most of you here. I see things from a different perspective, from a different viewpoint than most….from a viewpoint far more in keeping with most of the country right now.  I was raised in the fundamentalist atmosphere, and I simply want to praise Howard Dean for the open way he deals with the issues of women’s choice and the issues of the gay community.  

He said on Hardball he did not believe in using the words pro-choice because they had been misused for so long.  People understood that who are not like a lot of us here.  They got it.  

He is trying to dialogue with the gay community, but he can not give you all you want.  He can’t.  He does not have the power to do that.  

So though I am discouraged at times, I will stay and work to change it.  That is not popular to say on any of the liberal forums now.  It is much more desirable to plan to leave.

The GOP is dangerous, totally dangerous.  They are suppressing more of our rights every day.  And all we do is infight, little banding together.  It is giving them more power than ever.  That is a very scary thought.  

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