I guess in all of life there are bottom lines, it is a term very easily used. But this is our bottom line in November, it will be the price we pay for not getting some power back in Congress.  

This is the continued face of the Republican Party.   This guy is Congressman Adam H. Putnam. He represents the 12th Congressional District of Florida.  Now in his third term, he is Chairman of the Republican Policy Committee and serves on the powerful House Rules Committee and the Budget Committee. He is 32 years old.  

He is a Bush loyalist,  he is of the newest breed of Young Republicans who firmly believe if you are rich you deserve it.  And God help you if you are poor, because he feels that you most definitely deserve that. No excuses for illness, no excuses for all.   Just no excuses.  There is nothing this guy despises more than the programs like Social Security, Medicare, and god help us all that program called Medicaid gets his greatest contempt.  

He has the adoration of all the county newspapers.  Here is an example.

He may have to wait before running for governor because his country needs him

There is one problem with his running for governor on schedule Mr Rufty says….he has become way too important in congress at age 31.

But his swift rise in Congress may now have placed him beyond a mere state Cabinet post, and a run for governor could be much farther in the future than originally thought.
“Why would he want to step down in status?” asked a congressional aide who has followed the careers of several members of Congress. “He is on the way up the ladder over there (the Capitol) and he is more powerful and can do more right now in this city.”

He met with Ralph Reed and my state legislator, John Stargel, in churches in this area….for rallies against John Kerry.   I found this at a friend’s blog from 2004.  Nice guys, really nice guys.  Stargel is the one whose office I called, pleading for him not to keep the University of Florida from providing health care to domestic partners.  I got a sermon from his aide about their views on gays, and was told abortion was murder.   I was sick inside.   Read this from the blog called Interstate Jamming.
Rallying in churches

—Speaking of so-called compassionate conservatises…what a laugh! Ralph Reed, the above-mentioned Mel Martinez, and 12th District Congressman/Bush lapdog Adam Putnam were all present and accounted for Friday evening at a Republican rally held at Grove Park Christian Church in Lakeland. All the usual verses were sung, and State Representative John Stargel offered what was described as “a lengthy prayer”, by which time I can only guess that even the Heavenely Father was almost snoring.

He is 5th in the Republican chain of command, and I know from experience he is as soulless and uncaring as those above him.   He simply does not care.   He is on or in charge of some of the most powerful committees in Congress.   I know C-Span junkies have seen him in action.  

Someone here the other day said that my advocating changing the party instead of leaving it was grounded partly in fear.  Sadly I think that person may be right.  This guy scares me, and unless we take the House back….he is it.  

No Limits to Putnam’s Prospects

Recently appointed to the powerful House Rules Committee by House Speaker Dennis Hastert, Putnam’s status in Congress is growing at the same time Republican strategists in Florida are predicting Putnam will have more options back in the Sunshine State.

“He could look at anything — governor or U.S. senator — and I don’t think it would be too soon in 2006,” said Charles E. Canady of Lakeland, the venerable campaign specialist. “Age? He has removed that question time and again, and I don’t think it is an issue. It would be if he did not have the experience that he has now, but he is well ahead of many people who are much older.”

You really need to read this article from a usually pretty sensible paper.  You need to read the utter adoration so many throughout Central Florida have for him.   Then take time to watch him in action on C-Span while they are ramrodding through legislation.  

This is what you get in November.  I guess you could call it the price of idealism.  I hate to say that, because I am in my soul an idealist.  

But I will do what I have to do to keep him from rising higher in the ranks.

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