scripps howard news service: time to impeach bush

those blasphemously “liberal” media outlets have once again deprived the american public of widespread coverage of nothing less than startling poll results. the non-partisan polling firm zogby international last month found that by a margin of 52 percent to 43 percent, americans want congress to consider impeaching president bush “if he wiretapped american citizens without a judge’s approval”…

yes, the poll results have been reported on a few web sites. but they have not exactly been trumpeted by the blow hard boys on the fox news channel, nor even “front-paged” on the new york times. nor have they appeared as the lead story on any of the evening newscasts. from the right to the left, this poll has been ignored _ as has a recent gallup poll showing a majority of americans consider the bush presidency to be a failure. why? because it’s seen as risky…

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but grassroots passion for impeachment prompted by this president’s circumvention of congress and the constitution is what’s driving growing public support. and america’s transition from “bush fan” to “bush foe” is being ignored by the mainstream media.

surprisingly, the media did anything but ignore the republican-led impeachment movement against former president clinton, even when the public was decidedly more supportive of that president than it is of the current one

in december 1998, after the house voted to send articles of impeachment to the u.s. senate, 59 percent of americans told washington post/abc news pollsters they disapproved of the house action. a minority of 40 percent said they favored it. and that followed months and months of nonstop, primetime, mainstream media coverage of clinton’s lie. if anything, the constant chorus of conservative calls for clinton’s ouster coupled with unending coverage of same should have pushed the public into a more solidly pro-impeachment stand. it did not. but the media did not relent. (for the record, i wrote at the time that clinton should step down.)

it’s nice to see someone in the corporate top-down media say what blogtopia (yes! we coined that phrase!) has been saying for months now.

and here’s an article from the brattleboro reformer showing grassroots at work:

a newfane resident’s call for the impeachment of president george bush is echoing in rockingham.

maya costley, who lives in saxtons river, heard about newfane selectboard member dan dewalt’s town meeting article asking rep. bernard sanders, i-vt., to open impeachment hearings against the president.

if newfane voters approve the article, dewalt is going to send sanders a letter asking the washington politician to open the impeachment hearings.

“i was inspired when i heard about that,” costley said about dewalt’s push. “a light turned on and i said ‘this is what we need to do.'”

costley was too late to have the topic debated at rockingham’s town meeting this year. she wants to gather enough signatures to call a special election.

she said she is also raising enough money so that the town will not have to fund the special election.

democracy at work.