Welcome back!

This week I will continue with the painting of the New Mexico Zuni Mesa seen in the photo below.  Once again, although the photo is not my own, I have been to the site many times in my travels.

When we finished last time the painting appeared as depicted in the photo immediately below.

Finally I have started on the mesa and foreground in the painting.  I began with the foreground.  The mottled green clor received a thin layer of ochre-colored paint.  This allows some of the green below to still show through.  It now appears to be infused with light.  I still have much work to do on this area in the coming weeks.

Of course, the mesa has seen this biggest change.  I’ve added shadows and highlights indicating the various rocky planes.  Hard to please artist that I am, I’m still not quite happy with the way it looks.  I will continue to work with this area.  I’ve used purples and reddish/pinkish colors for the mesa.  I’m thinking about reducing the variation somewhat in the interest of visual clarity.  The current state of the painting is seen below.

As always, please add your comments below.

Please tune in next week to see where this thing has gone.  See you then.

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