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Previously, other expenses incurred for the implementation of Medicare D(isaster) were thought to cost the taxpayers:

$25 billion for the duration of corporate/retiree health care plans

in the form of corporate welfare, so employers would continue to provide health insurance.  That was in addition to

*  $400 million spent on the sales pitch to convince people that Medicare D(isaster) is the next best thing to sliced bread;

*  $325,000 spent on the ad with the Valentine detailed

(The latter was detailed in this diary.)

more expenses below
What was not included are the costs that the states have had to spend in emergency measures to make certain that those who qualified were able to get their rx’s during Medicare D(isaster)’s start-up.  As a result of the emergency measures taken, several states have begun or are in the process of litigation for the purpose of getting the money back on rx’s.

Wisconsin, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island and Vermont.


Missouri plans to sue the federal government over Medicare D.  Jay Nixon called the Medicare Part D program

a costly and illegal drain on the state treasury…Missouri stands to lose $400 million over the next five years…

The lawsuit would be filed directly with the U.S. Supreme Court.


According to FOX News, Maine Governor John Baldacci claimed,

“The federal government cannot have it both ways, asking states to make their regular payment and also cover the cost of the early glitches…We’ve put out $5.9 million, and for a small state like Maine, that’s a lot…We can’t be expected to pay back what we haven’t saved. So we want partnerships developed. We’re all tied in this together.””

The costs to some of the states (so far) are as follows:

  •  Maine–$5.9 million
  •  California–$150 million
  •  New York–$115 million
  •  Arkasas–$6 million
  •  Arizona–$2 million

The total espenses so far is approximately $279.9 million, plus the amount that is being sought by Missouri (unspecified) in its litigation,  $400 million for the sales pitch, not counting the $325,000 spent on the Valentine ad/marketing gimmick, and $25 billion in corporate welfare.  

So far the running total is approximately $25,679,325,000.00!!!

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