I’ve been working with my husband on his Congressional race in Indiana’s 6th District Barry Welsh and I’ve noticed that people aren’t necessarily what they seem.  I don’t mean in a negative way, it’s more about the labels or the categories that people are put in.  I was listening to a political radio show in our rural district – one commentator is a Republican County Chair and one commentator is a Democratic former County Chair.

One of the topics was about the Dubai World Ports deal and how this deal may possibly put American’s at risk.  The Democratic Commentator mentioned that Barry has been in the lead on this issue in the district and he mentioned Barry’s Press releases.  The risk is unknown but the possibilities do abound.  I have been reading on the subject and I am by no means an expert on the subject but I would say I am at the least somewhat informed.

One of the frustrating moments while listening to the Democratic commentator was his “debating” style, basically he had none.  But knowing the issues and some of the points that I at least thought needed some answers to were 1) number of ports that were in question, it’s been reported in the UPI news that there are actually 21 ports involved and not 6 as originally reported. 2) What are the security implications good or bad regarding should this sale go through (and it looks likely)? 3) If we are just learning about the points of the “deal” there certainly seems to be a lot we haven’t been told and the 45 days security investigation would be little to ask, why the hurry, when The company in question asks for the additional investigation?  It reminds me of the Uncle Remus Tales and Brier Rabbit.  As Barry says, “This is just an extended Rubber Stamp of something bad, and National Security to me is not something taken with such a casual attitude.”

The Democratic commentator who has been active in the Democratic party for a number of years and retired from active County Chair duties, seemed to have some of his homework done by which he touched on some of the points I mentioned above and yet missed ALL of the points.  In other words, he had Barry’s press release in front of him, and didn’t do any background.  Now all of us are blessed with varying points of view and that is some of what makes us unique, but the kicker was the Republican commentator kept making the other guy’s points for him.  In essence, this VERY Republican commentator was admittedly “concerned and nervous” about the issue of National Security and wasn’t sure he felt confident about the current Administration’s choice in “handling” the issue of our ports.  The Democratic commentator glossed over the issues and every second sentence speaking in the elderly gentlemanly way (this guy is quite a nice fellow by the way), “….now I don’t mean any offence or disrespect…..”or “….now I don’t mean any offense to anyone here…” when Barry was mentioned again, the Republican commentator told the Democratic commentator that the opposition of any sale of public utilities was “a load of bunk”.  Yet this same Republican commentator in the next breath was stating that “a lot of folks around the country are very concerned about this issue and that National Security was on everyone’s minds” and wasn’t sure about the issue of the Foreign ownership of public utilities.  Barry laughed and said, “He’s making my points for me!”  The conversation went on and on, the Democratic commentator stating the Government hadn’t “sold the idea yet” and that the Government will have to go back and “do a better job of selling the deal” to the American people.   I had to wonder who was on whose side, and felt a little like this was the bazzaro political talk show!

I think of myself as someone deeper, who likes to reserve opinion until getting the facts, but I surprised myself tonight by realizing my opinions on what should or how it should have been said and realizing that it’s not just one side that feels the way I do.  I realized I had been visualizing two boxes and it was either one or the other.  The epiphany made me a little sad, I thought I was beyond that “shallow crap” and wasn’t the person to make judgments of another person just because they are a Liberal or Conservative.  I realized also that what I take for granted, like my opinions or the way I look at things should be challenged and should be checked, it keeps me on my toes and helps me to see another perspective.  It gives me hope that even as scary as this current administration is, people may not see eye to eye but it is possible to agree even though we are on polar opposites of what each believes.  There is hope that maybe by the time our kids have kids that maybe we can work together? My opinion is that it is possible.  Okay this is the end of my Pollyanna dream sequence. Back to reality…… My husband is running against a Neo Conservative Bushite, and I want to give my perspective as this election year unfolds.  

You are welcome to come along.

Sherri Welsh