Today, March 3rd, is the first anniversary of the murder of Nicola Calipari at a temporary blocking post set up near the Baghdad airport. Calipari and his team had just freed Giuliana Sgrena, the war correspondent in Iraq for the Italian daily, il Manifesto. Jerome was one of the first on the web to report the incident. The case has been covered extensively at Kos, Booman and Eurotrib.

A commemoration was held in Rome today. The president of the Republic, Azeglio Ciampi, sat next to Nicola’s wife and children throughout the ceremony. Participation by the public was unprecedented. Nicola has become very much a popular hero in Italy.

Rosa Calipari, wife of Nicola, is a candidate in the upcoming elections for the center-left coalition.

The gunner, Mario Lozano, has been charged with voluntary homicide by the Roman procura after extensive investigations that debunked the Vangjel report. US authorities have not replied to international rogatories concerning Lozano and his unit.

In approximately six hours RAInews24 will broadcast an exclusive interview with Wayne Madsen who asserts that the NSA had a track on Calipari’s vehicle throughout the operation of freeing Ms. Sgrena. The service is by Sigfrido Ranucci, the same reporter who revealed the use of phosphorus bombs in Falluja. Stay tuned.

Crossposted by de Gondi at Eurotrib.

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