This is a comment made by KnotIooking over at DailyKos to a diary by kos.  Kos was blasting Mark Kennedy who is a Republican running for the Minnesota Senate seat being vacated by Mark Dayton.  Amy Klobuchar is a Democrat who is seeking the nomination of the DFL to run for that open seat.  Apparently Amy ran ads on DailyKos during the week of precinct caucuses in Minnesota and Kennedy called the DailyKos the place where America haters and terrorist supporters, blah, blah, we all know what they spew, hang out.  Kos nailed him with his diary but KnotIooking wins the eloquence prize.

Here’s what she wote.

My EMail to Mark Kennedy….. (4.00 / 4)

 I am ashamed of you Mark.   You claim that members of the webblog dailykos are left wing extremeists who hate america, support terrorism and all kinds of horrible things you can make up.  none of what you claim is true and you really should be ashamed for baring such false witness about your political opposition.

So pay attention young man and learn something.

I am a member of the dailykos webblog…i am neither an extremist or a terrorist lover

I am a hardworking Middle aged member of America’s shrinking middle class…

I pay my taxes on time and without complaining that I shouldnt have to pay into the general fund to keep my country solvent.   I have worked since I was 16, put myself through college as well as worked week-ends at my parents small neighborhood store..a fixture in the neighborhood for over 40 years…in my spare time I have run programs for kids in my neighborhood so they are kept off the streets on the week-ends,  I have worked in my areas ‘reading is fundamental’ program to help kids learn to read so they have a better chance in life.

I have never asked for or expected a dime from my government and if times get tough I take the initiative and wait for better times.  my family has a long line of veterans among our tree branch’s including my Father a sargent in the army air corps, both my uncles who served in the navy and army AND my own brother in law who served two tours in vietnam as career military.

On 9/11 I watched in horror as my city was attacked and i watched in even more horror as i realized my own husband may well have died in the wtc..thankfully he didnt but two of my friends, one a FF first responder did.  Every year since 9/11 we attend the memorial for our fallen friends and neighbors and the tears flow as I hear the names…just as they flow for the names of the brave young men and women we are losing every day in IRAQ, while Al qaeda is allowed to flourish and grow because our President took his eye off the ball.

I was born into an America where everything was possible if we dared to dream…I do not want to grow old in an America where its everyone for thermselves and the rest of our great nation be damned but thats the America I see under the leadership of your President and your party.

I want an America where senior citizens are honored for the lives they led NOT considered burdens on our nations budget.

I want an America where the American dream is alive for every child brought into the world NOT just the children of the ‘have’s”

I want an America where we care about educating our children instead of just teaching to the test so the ‘numbers’ look good

I want an America where WORK is more valued then inherited wealth

I want an America where our constitution is valued and adhered to NOT thrown aside as an antiquated document.

I want an America where healthcare is a right NOT a priveldge of the few who can afford it.

I want an America where those we elected to serve in our stead REMEMBER who elected them.

I want an America where the most valued and revered words are “WE, THE PEOPLE”  not we, the well connected.

Mark…your party does not offer us that America….and so I stand with other middle class middle aged hard working Americans in opposing the continued unfettered control of our government by your party…and I find like minded patriotic Americans on Dailykos….the place you want to pretend is populated by america haters…and for that i say SHAME ON YOU MARK for continuing to use lies to try and win your election.

Someday you will be my age Mark…and someday you will have to stand before our maker and answer for all, you did here on earth

I am ready to answer the questions…what did you do to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, house the homeless and make this a better world for ALL mankind…

Will you be ready to answer our maker honestly Mark?  will he be pleased with your answers?  you cannot make up lies to HIM Mark…remember that.  God is watching all of us….did you make him proud when you lied about so many of his children?

I will not pass judgement on your actions..I will leave that to God…but I do ask that you stop lying about me and the tens of thousands of other good godfearing patriotic Americas who discuss our nations future on the dailykos blog.

so I invite you to actually visit Dailykos….post a diary if you want to….many politicans do…and we get a chance to speak our minds to them like our founders intended for us to do.  come to dailykos and learn WHO you are so cavelierly slandering for political gain mark..we are teachers and cops and firefighters and homemakers..we are mothers and father and college kids and senior citizens just trying to make it to the end of their lives with a little dignity…we are a cross section of everything that makes America great…you have lost your moral compass if you think it is good to slander and attack the integrity of these hardworking Americans.

and so I again say SHAME ON YOU…you really need to apologize for lying about me and so many others…and start basing your campaign on issues and your ideas instead of trying to win by lying and slandering the other side.  If your ideas and issues are not strong enough for you to win then you do not belong in the peoples house…

its that simple.

“if all the world’s a stage, who is sitting in the audience?”

by KnotIookin on Fri Mar 10, 2006 at 11:03:17 AM PDT

KnotIooking, forgive the gender bias here but………. UDAMAN!!!!

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