Well…did you?  Time is running out, ya know…

Here are my picks:

Best Blog (non-pro):  firedoglake
Best Commenter: Meteor Blades (why isn’t Oui listed in this category??)
Best Single-issue blog: I’m still figuring this one out…
Best Series: Bayprairie’s Reproductive Rights Week in Review at Our Word (but our own BostonJoe’s Batshit Loopy Prez series has also been nominated)
Best Blog, Pro:  Think Progress
Best Expert blog: Firedoglake
Most Humorous Blog: Suburban Guerrilla (Susie cracks me up)
Most Humorous post: I Worshipped a Squirrel by Bob Johnson
Best Postt:  George Bush Goddamn: It Ain’t Alright by AP at BoomanTribune
Best Group Blog: Pandagon
Best Blog Community:  Booman Tribune (no surprise there!)
Best Writing:  SusanHu at Booman Tribune (When are you coming back, Susan?), but I’d also like to vote for Oui at ET/BT!
Best State/Local Blog:  Tennessee Guerrilla Women
Best New Blog:  Booman Tribune
Most Deserving of Wider Recognition (or at least more frequent updating): Ductape Fatwa’s Enemy of the State

So c’mon, wander on over to Wampum
and cast your votes (via comment in each category).  You know you want to…

I’ll even give you cheesecake…

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