Once again I pop into BT to see what issues are up for discussion. I pop into Man Eegee’s diary and, while reading it, think I might just link to it over at my blog to promote the protests against the war.

And then, I read the comments.
Here’s the deal, people: (…and you can call me an intruder who only pops in when there’s a controversy if you like, but this happened quite by accident…maybe I’m psychic or something…)

  1. Booman: you know I love you, but when someone gets banned, post an announcement with the reason ie. “stark was banned because she exceeded the 2 diary/day rule and refused to coelesce for the good of the community. When that limit is exceeded, others diaries are often missed”. Period.
  2. Once Boo posts his message, respect his decision. Everybody wins.
  3. Check your egos and anger towards each other at the door. Anger is a destructive emotion. Even continual anger towards Bushco will wear you down fast. Proceed with caution or you’ll be useless to the revolution.
  4. Everybody wants the same thing here: a community that works; a community where progressives can meet and exchange ideas about issues in order to develop solutions. Be the left-wing intellectual elitists that you are (that’s snark) and talk about the issues – not each other.
  5. Get mad at me for lecturing you if you need to let your anger out. I don’t care. I can take it and if it will help you treat each other better, I’m all for it.
  6. Running a blog is hard. Booman needs your help. If you can’t offer that, as they say (and, as I did): get your own damn blog or find another community. If you’re not willing to do that, then you’d better be willing to make things work here if you plan to stay sane while the Republicans are still in power.
  7. Focus.
  8. Get humble, damnit. Contrary to the popular belief among the voices in your head, the world does not revolve around you.
  9. Shit happens. Deal with it and move on when you’re done. Life is not like the movie Groundhog Day. You don’t get to do the same thing over and over until you do it right and there’s a happy ending. The reality is that you’ll just end up popping your head out of the ground and getting clubbed like the gophers in Caddyshack. Today is a new day. Do something differently that brings peace and happiness to your life instead of misery and angst (which is already provided in bulk via the Bush administration). Example: bashing Republicans=fun; bashing your community mates=not so much.

As usual, I’m long-winded. Oh well. My point is that diaries about the war and the economy and the poor ought to have 100+ comments. Diaries with infighting ought to slide right by.

Think about it: why are you here?

I will now go home to my blog and I will post the information about the protest, sans the link to ManE’s diary – unfortunately.

Don’t drag out the comments in this diary or I’ll have to come back here and lecture you again. And, neither you nor I want that to happen! Right??

P.S. You guys should be happy you don’t have right-wing nutbar trolls to deal with like I have over at my place. If you’d like some, however, I can send a few your way.

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