Found this post on TBogg and I just had to share to demonstrate the constant hypocracy, especially when it deals with family moral values.

From TBogg’s post:

Why does Michelle Malkin hate her children and not want to spend time with them?

Doug TenNapel, artist, musician, and animator extraordinaire (not to mention staunch conservative), has the parenting tip of the day.

The tip:

From time to time I have to play Candy Land with my kids. What was a magical, complicated game of my youth is a form of insipid torture for an adult. The game can last for an eternity. I mean literally an eternity.

My Beloved attends a MOPS (Mothers Of Pre-Schoolers) group at church and she picked up a great trick from one of the other mothers. Put the Queen Frostine card close to the top of the deck and when a child chooses this card they jump ahead nearly to the end of the board…limiting the parenting hell-on-earth known as Candy Land to a tolerable fifteen minute game.

The problem with the right wing in general, they adhere to a bunch of hollow claims on certain values. They claim believe in God – who who looks down on: those worshipping other gods, those who takes God’s name in vain, those who don’t honor thy father and thy mother, killing, adultery, and stealing.

It is bad enough the Shrill Queen is advocating cheating, but a church-based parenting group. Come on people, these are 3 to 6 year children, but nooo they have to justify by whining the game is too long. GROW THE FUCK UP!!!! And people wonder why kids are screaming bloody murder in the of some grocery store.

The problem, we live in a fast-pace, quick-fix society. We get bored way too easily. In short – speed rules.

The subliminal message wingnuts like Malkin, TenNapel, Mothers Of Pre-Schoolers of that church are sending to their zombie followers: Slow and steady does not win the race. Neither does skill acquisition or learning. Doesn’t anybody every consider the social consequences it has for us all? Have we become a shortcut society?

In a pervious post, I mentioned David Callahan’s “The Cheating Culture,” Callahan writes that cheating is having an effect on our society, it has instilled in us a value that greed and ambition rule. And worse we are teaching our future that honesty isn’t truly the best policy.

Callahan writes, “Young people see those who get to the top cut corners. It becomes the norm.”

As long as this administration gets away with the crap they are doing and continue having shrill monsters like Malkin defending them, the fraudulent bar continues to be set higher and with a message of “only pansies plays by the rules.” Way to go Malkin!

From Christianity Today:

If cheating is taking inappropriate shortcuts to achieve a good, even a holy end, much of evangelical Christianity stands guilty. We read one-minute Bibles, pray through five-minute devotions, or wander from one conference to another to get five keys to spiritual success. We expect spiritual maturity in 40 purpose-filled studies. Though such resources are designed as milk for the immature, we fear they are viewed as the meat of discipleship by too many.

But the biggest crime – not wanting to spend your time with your own child.

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