I was so disheartened to read TIRED– Carnacki’s diary today. I count on his Happy Diaries for sanity in our INSANE country of late.

There have been so many outrages- staged, manipulated and some for real ones too. It does wear one down. Hey, It Is Suppose too. That’s Rovian Technique to a T. That’s what the MEDIA and Corporate Commercials are all about.

Many of us have had to pull away for awhile and take some deep breaths, meditate, get high and tend to the personal stuff. But we come back some what refreshed until the rage-manipulation meter overloads again. And Again with Bushco Antics.

Control by Herding

“works by diverting the attention of news consumers and honest news reporters, from one event that” is considered damaging to a diversionary event that is considered to be less damaging. “Sometimes the second event is designed to affect people’s opinion about the first event.

Control by Herding is usually done by creating an Arranged Coincidence of two events in time. A sensational nondamaging event works to hide a damaging event in the following ways.

“It reduces the time available for investigating the damaging event.

“It reduces broadcast time and column space available for reporting it.

“It provides an excuse for the Media Establishment to ignore the damaging event.

“It makes it difficult for an honest reporter to object to [media] management’s decision to reduce coverage of the damaging event.

“It diverts the public’s attention from the damaging event.

It is called Control by Herding “because the people being controlled are not being commanded. They are not being forced to do what they do. Most of them do not realize that thay are being controlled.

“Control By Herding might not seem bad unless” it is realized that “the more effective diversionary News Events are sensational ones. Being sensational usually means death or destruction, and that usually means an Evil act.”

The only thing I know to do about it is stay aware of it. Then I start to second guess. And then I turn to tin-foil thinking. Then I take some kind of action, sign petitions, send emails to representatives and post diaries. Then I go sit somewhere and cry for all of us.
It’s a vicious cycle.

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