Two days ago, Wen Jia Bao, the suave Chinese Prime Minister, after a particularly successful visit to India,pronounced that a new era of cooperation between the two Asian giants will usher in the New Asian Century.Given the dominance the two countries are establishing in manufacturing and service industries worldwide,that statement does not seem like an exaggeration.With their growth rates approaching ten percent annually,the two countries appear to be well on their way to meeting or surpassing the US and Europe in economic power in the next two decades.What is different about these two powers is that they have torn a page from our own book and all their growth is coming from reliance on entreprenuership and, especially in India’s case is based on assaulting the high technology industries with an educated intelligentsia.

Wen also brought up the issue of collaborating with India on exploration for oil and natural gas, alluding to their partnership with Iran and Saudi Arabia.He also talked about establishing a Euro based oil bank, threatening the US monopoly on oil transactions worldwide.

It seems that Bush’s nuclear deal with India was to keep India from breaking away into an Asian Common Market which seems to have powerful emotional and regional appeal to India and China.Time will tell if Wen or Bush succeed in their efforts.India and China are also spearheading efforts to bring Brazil and Russia into an alliance that will cover fully one half the human race.That may well spell the end of American dominance that has been the norm for the past fifty odd years.

The independence that China and India are signaling is already a reality for Latin America where one nation after another that was the target of OS subversion has thrown the rascals out and now, no politician anywhere in Latin America that is tainted by association with the US has any credibility left.Even the cries of wolf about Chavez are falling on deaf ears.

To my untrained eyes, all this looks like Uncle Sam is on the run everywhere, Bush’s big talk about Democracy and Freedom notwithstanding.I even suspect that the violence unleashed by Bush on Iraq is a sign of desperation that the old tricks are no longer working,the people of the world have woken up and he is confronting countries like India and China which cannot be pushed around.What is more the worst is yet to come as these countries strip away American economic dominance and the bills for our wars come due.

I am sure that Wen and Singh are having a big laugh looking at the idiot in the WH posing as Democracy’s champion, when Singh, as the PM elected by the people of the world’s largest Democracy, looks on.Truly our Leader has no clothes and no sense of irony whatsoever.

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