Welcome back!

This week I will continue (and complete!) with the painting of the Zuni, New Mexico mesa seen in the photo below.  Once again, although the photo is not my own, I have been to the site many times in my travels.

When we finished last time the painting appeared as depicted in the photo immediately below.

Though I thought that I was finished with the sky, upon completing the foreground I realized that the sky was, well, wrong.  And so, once again, I changed it.  But the changes have been limited to the colors, not the composition.

The center of the sky is now infused with the light of a setting son.  The light produced highlights (revised also) upon the mesa.  Highlights also appear
on the plant growth in the foreground.  The light is the real subject here, it produces the scene you see.

The final painting is seen below.

I hope that my one step forward, two steps back approach to this painting was at least instructive.  Sometimes things don’t proceed in a linear fashion.  So it was here.

Thanks, as always, for reading these postings.  Next week I’ll start a new project.  See you then.

Okay, oaky.  I really didn’t like the mesa and changed it again after I wrote this.  Here is the final, final painting.  Really.


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