Is any expletive bad enough for Mr. Bush?

When I first started writing my congressmen and and others to protest Mr. Bush’s foreign adventures, I resolved to use no disrepectful language of a personal nature.  
Subsequently, frustrated and conscious of a deep slide toward rather than away from a dangerous and disastrous foreign policy abyss, I have violated my first resolve more and more frequently. However, in my own defense let me observe, I am not the only writer to express my anxiety describing Mr. Bush with an expletive or two.  In no special order, some I’ve seen frequently on the Blogosphere and in the traditional press recently are:

Liar, dimwit, retard, incompetent fool, chimp boy, dumbass, scrub, simpleton, draft dodger, corrupt knave, dipshit, ignoramus, ghoul, anti-christ, failure, bankrupt soul, bubble boy, snake, asshole, dishonorable creep, traitor, reprehensible criminal, arrogant bully, etc, etc, etc.

The CORPORATE MEDIA, what is their bottom line?  Bob Sheaffer, What’s her name Vargas, Wolfie Blither, and others all continue to treat this failed leader as if he ever had any credibility.  They are so hungry to keep and increment their access to his highness that they enable his presentation.  He deserves little respect as his actions attest.  His vision is small and shortsighted and his worldview inaccurate.  His answers to their questions are invariably simplistic and empty.  Yet these, “journalists” sit there with respectful smiles on their ass kissing faces, abrogating the democratic role of the journalist right in front our eyes.  Holy shit!  If any of them had any credibility at all, the next time the white house contacted them to be a partner in another public relations sham they would refuse by announcing to the world that they will not continue to be used as an annex to the  United States Information Agency.

Presently, Mr. Bush is engaged in a campaign of speeches and television appearances designed to give legitimacy to his already failed policies and actions.  His simplistic and silly arguements are being presented as if real.  It is public relations at it’s best.  On a purely pragmatic level, you have to admire the Bush administration as they are world class puppeteers of the mainstream (traditional) media.  They keep dishing out the same slop and the media keeps eating it.  I guess somehow you can’t argue with that bottom line?

Loyal to impartial public serving journalism?  In the White House Press Corps there seems to be only one Helen Thomas.  She is not disrespectful, she just asks the questions they all should be asking so they, the media ashamed of themselves, allow a chuckle or two, when George DEMONIZES Helen, the only real truth seeker in the bunch.

Demonize a fool?  How?  Instead of crawling away in shame the man declares his lies and failures are to be taken as truth.  Demonize?  Just recognize him for what he is that will be enough to protect the truth.

Please forgive the shaggy dog character of this post, but that brings me to the sad conclusion that as long the media remains spineless and as Bush doesn’t fall off Brokeback mountain or do some other meaningless and trivial social faux paux like Mr. Clinton did he will continue to be treated with the respect a truly honorable person would deserve and George Bush is truly not that person.
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