Update [2006-3-24 13:53:8 by albert]: Domenech resigns [via Atrios]

So, the Washington Post may be guilty of hiring a bigoted plagarist to their staff. Their new blogger, Ben Domenech, who writes ‘Red America’ has been getting the under the microscope treatment this week. First off, there is no liberal blogger to ‘balance’ out the conservative ‘Red America’ – there is no ‘Blue America’ to be found I guess? It’s not like the WaPo is a liberal rag and that a liberal blogger wasn’t necessary as a counterweight.

I got an email from Media Matters today where they call for Domenech to be fired for his offensive remarks in regards to the late Mrs. Coretta Scott King, the Judiciary Branch, Andrew Sullivan needing a woman and killing black babies to reduce crime. Lovely eh? And this diary by urizon sheds some more light. But there’s more.

And now I read this post on MyDD by Scott Shields about Domenech plagarizing off of a book by P.J. O’Rourke for an op-ed piece without attribution.


I haven’t been keeping up with ‘Red America’ – anyone around here have any thoughts on the content over there?

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