The week leading to the third anniversary of the start of the Iraq Illegal Invasion two Very Important Actions took place, lasting that whole week, ending on that Important Date of the Start of the Carnage.

One was a 241 mile walk from Mexico to San Francisco that, like many of the Actions taken by the citizens of this Country wasn’t Covered as it should have been by the MSM.

The other was a ‘Walkin’ to New Orleans’ carried out by Survivors of Katrina and Veterans of a number of U.S. Conflicts including Iraq/Afgan Vets.

These are extremely important because of the Sacrifice Involved and the Messages meant by both. Combining those Sacrifices and Messages, of both, they Spoke for the Well Over 700 Registered Actions taking place Around the Country, with 10’s of Thousands Partcipanting, Voicing their Combined Opposition of the Direction of this Country and it’s So Called Leadership, Totally Corrupt at that.

Below are Links to Video’s and Photo’s of both these actions. The Latino March for Peace I had posted at a few sites, the one here has a couple of more links, and with the Immigration Bill now in Congress and being Widely Protested, this weekend, this shows the Sacrifice of the Latino for this Country. And a Thought for you, before the Borders and Names these so called Illegals Inhabited Much of what is now called America!!

Pass these on as many don’t know about them and the Video’s and Photo’s Speak for themselves, Especially the ones contained in the ‘Walkin’ to New Orleans’ six months after the Devestation!!

Photos/Videos from the Walk

Photographer – Diane Lent – Vets/Survivors 1

Photographer – Diane Lent – Vets/Survivors 2

Union County Labor VFP

Veterans For Peace NY

Walkin’ to New Orleans – Videos – These are in Quicktime Video – video links below

Monday’s Press Conference Video  
Michael McPhearson, executive director of Veterans for Peace

Tuesday’s Video  
Leaving Mobile

Tuesday’s Camp Host Video  
Mamie H. Mackey, storm survivor and the campsite host

Wednesday’s Video
Mississippi Vietnam War Memorial

Thursday’s Video
Iraq Veterans Against the War send greetings to the president

Friday’s Video
Kelly Dougherty co founder of Iraq Veterans Againt the War.

Saturday’s Video
House Gutting Vets

On the 3rd Anniversary of the 2nd Iraq War, Iraq veterans clearly spell out the problems with words and song. Words by Camilo Mejia and Michael Blake; song by VOICE.

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More Photo/Information/Reports Links:
New Orleans Voices For Peace documented the march from Mobile to New Orleans on video for airing on T.V. Radio and Internet. Stay tuned to this site for daily updates from this historic march!

Iraq Veterans Blog

Photo Gallery:
Android Designs photo album 1
Android Designs photo album 2
For photos and videos and blogs on the march, please visit:
New Orleans VFP
Stan Goff
Bring Them Home Now
Union County Labor-Veterans For Peace
For More:

Stories and Photos From The March


Latino March for Peace – 3rd Anniversary of Iraq Illegal Invasion

VIDEO SPECIAL | Latino March for Peace
A film by Scott Galindez and Ted Sapphire

On March 12, 2006, Fernando Suarez del Solar and Pablo Paredes started a march with a coalition of the willing across 240+ miles in a quest for peace that aims at raising the Latino voice of opposition to the war in Iraq. The March will run from Tijuana, Mexico, all the way to the mission district of San Francisco, making strategic, symbolic and ceremonial stops along the way. The 241-mile march is inspired by Gandhi’s 1930 Salt March protesting British imperialism and will serve as a loud cry for an end to the bloodshed in Iraq.



Windows Media




Mexico to SF ‘March for Peace’ Rallies Fresno – Photos

Fallen Heroes of Operation Iraqi Freedom

Guerrero Azteca Peace Project Homepage

Swift Smart Veterans

Latino March for Peace

Latino Voice of Opposition to the War

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