Charles Krauthammer is a dangerous lunatic. He is also one of Cheney’s minions. He has been so consistenly wrong about the Middle East that it amazes me that he still is gainfully employed. But, his latest column is the worst I’ve ever seen. That being said, it kind of funny. You see, he sees Iran about the same way I see the right-wing in this country. And we both share some concern about the apocalyptic potential of nuclear armed wingnuts filled with hate.

We have difficulty understanding the mentality of Iran’s newest rulers. Then again, we don’t understand the mentality of the men who flew into the World Trade Center or the mobs in Damascus and Tehran who chant “Death to America”–and Denmark(!)–and embrace the glory and romance of martyrdom.

This atavistic love of blood and death and, indeed, self-immolation in the name of God may not be new–medieval Europe had an abundance of millennial Christian sects–but until now it has never had the means to carry out its apocalyptic ends.

That is why Iran’s arriving at the threshold of nuclear weaponry is such a signal historical moment. It is not just that its President says crazy things about the Holocaust. It is that he is a fervent believer in the imminent reappearance of the 12th Imam, Shi’ism’s version of the Messiah.

It’s almost as if Charles Krauthammer has never looked around and asked what his Republican cocktail colleagues think about martyrdom, a ritual of blood, and the return of the Messiah.

And talk about the scare-mongering…

If nothing is done [about Iran], we face not proliferation but hyperproliferation. Not just one but many radical states will get weapons of mass extinction, and then so will the fanatical and suicidal terrorists who are their brothers and clients.

That will present the world with two futures. The first is [Manhattan Project scientist, Richard] Feynman’s vision of human destruction on a scale never seen. The second, perhaps after one or two cities are lost with millions killed in a single day, is a radical abolition of liberal democracy as the species tries to maintain itself by reverting to strict authoritarianism–a self-imposed expulsion from the Eden of post-Enlightenment freedom.

This is Cheney’s dark vision displayed for all America to see in the pages of this week’s Time magazine. WE MUST DESTROY IRAN OR ALL IS LOST.

I can’t think of a more contemptible pundit than Charles Krauthammer. He’s at the forefront of the cabal that wishes to set this country on a permanent war footing. It would never occur to him to seek alternative solutions to the dangers we face. He’s nothing more than a vampire whose thirst for Muslim blood can never be quenched.

Cheney, on the other hand, likes Muslims. He hunts with them, fishes with them, signs lucrative multi-billion dollar contracts with them. He just doesn’t like people that interfere with American business interests.

Krauthammer is Cheney’s pit bull.

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