The situation in Iraq can be summed up with the following.

1). The United States is now at war with the Shiites (who they put in power) and the Sunnis. The Iraqi government cannot be formed as long as there is US presence and will probably never be formed from the elements that it is currently composed of. The government will not form, but the military elements are coalescing from both Shiite and Sunni blocks to fight the United States.

2). The largely Shiite Iraqi army is about to disintegrate completely and parts will simply disband and other parts become part of Iraqi Shiite militias fighting the US..

3). The United States attempt to provoke civil war has backed fired. The Shiite and Sunni groups will temporarily focus on the expulsion of the Americans from Iraq before resuming their war with each other.

4). The United States military is actively engaging in “Black Ops” against Shiites and killing many innocent people intentionally in order to provoke civil war.

5). The United States is trying to Kill Moqtada al-Sadr leader of the Mahdi army who it disingenuosly blames for “torture” of Sunnis. This has backfired as well with Sadr being joined by other militias to fight the United States.

6). The United States will probably try to assassinate  Jaafari and blame it on ” sectarian tensions”. The attempt by the United States to remove Jaafari has backfired, resulting in a strengthening of his position and a weakening and exposure of how vulnerable the United States is in Iraq. The United States is virtually powerless in Iraq..

7). The impetus for an invasion of Iran despite Bush’s domestic problems and poll numbers is largely increased by the chaos of his policies in Iraq as the strategic benefits for Iran from Iraqi chaos (and the resultant exposure of American weakness and vulnerability) are too mighty for the Bush administration to bear. They will be impelled to attack by air and damage the Iranian economy and military so as to lessen it’s focus and ability to concentrate on controlling southern Iraq. This can only fail and damage the world economy.

8). The United States is trying to form alliances with Sunni Insurgents to fight the Shiites. This switching of sides is not working out. The attempt to switch sides is simply being used by Sunnis on a case by case basis to their own advantage. The United States is being played like a fool.

9). The United States military is intentionally committing “Mai Lai” atrocities in Iraq for two reasons: 1). To create chaos between Sunnis and Shiites. 2). It’s just something they happen to do from time to time. It is very common and goes unreported.

10). The violence in Iraq is about to increase to never before seen proportions from all sides due to circumstance and due to American elections.

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