Before they get some of those nukular weapon thingies and hand ’em over to the terrists:

BERLIN, MARCH 29 : Saudi Arabia is working secretly on a nuclear programme, with help from Pakistani experts, the German magazine Cicero reports in its latest edition, citing western security sources.

It says that during the Haj pilgrimages to Mecca in 2003 through 2005, Pakistani scientists posed as pilgrims to come to Saudi Arabia in aircraft laid on by the oil-rich kingdom.

Between October 2004 and January 2005, some of them took the opportunity to “disappear” from their hotel rooms, sometimes for up to three weeks, it quoted German security expert Udo Ulfkotte as saying.

Then again, these are two of our bestest allies in the crusade against oil rich Middle Eastern states the Greater War on Terror. So what if one is the current residence for Al Qaeda’s leadership (Pakistan) and the other (Saudi Arabia) is the primary source of its finances. We can’t go invading our good buddies, now can we?

That’s what I thought.

Never mind.

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