Just give ’em a hummer. Thus spake Sharon Stone.

Young people talk to me about what to do if they’re being pressed for sex. I tell them (what I believe): Oral sex is a hundred times safer than vaginal or anal sex. ‘If you’re in a situation where you cannot get out of sex, offer a blow job.’ I’m not embarrassed to tell them.

Well I’m mortified to read it.
My contempt for Sharon Stone was well established with the first “Basic Instinct” movie.  Her gleeful participation in a depiction of lesbian and bisexual women that was at equal turns derivative and demonizing; her endless revelry in the tasteless beaver shot that made her career… Must she enjoy turning female sexuality into a cheap sideshow so very much?

With the release of the stunningly unnecessary “Basic Instinct 2,” Stone has been turned loose on an unsuspecting public once again. Her statements, compiled here by Salon, are worth the price of admission.

Stone’s Madonna/whore dichotomy divides the world into women who show their boobies and women who can be taken seriously. As ever, she revels in her role of trivialized sex pot.

People just are sitting there going, like, ‘I don’t care what she’s saying, I don’t care what she’s saying, I just want to know, does she get naked in that movie? Is she naked? Nude? Nude? Naked? Do I see her boobies? I don’t care what she’s saying, I don’t care, I don’t care, is she naked?’ So let’s just get through to that … YES!

Hillary, however, who has never shown her naked boobies in public, to my knowledge, is still just too sexual to have any real gravitas.

Hillary Clinton is fantastic. But I think it is too soon for her to run. This may sound odd, but a woman should be past her sexuality when she runs. Hillary still has sexual power and I don’t think people will accept that. It is too threatening…

Perhaps the Senator from New York should go back to her cookie recipes and leave all the politicking to the hopelessly unattractive.

Note to Miss Stone: It’s harder with you around.

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