Well we finally recovered from Friday and all the energy vibrating off the walls and out into the cosmos!

This morning started with a true frantic party mood!

ManEe hung out with friends…
Diane, Shirl, Sally, and Aloha had breakfast and coffee and laughs until mid-morning…
Babaloo, Kamakhya, CaliScribe and the girls – Cypress and Sam – went off to the San Diego Zoo…
SanDiegoDem was at a little league game…

Well we had a wonderful time everywhere…and are still going strong into the evening.

Night at the beach below the fold….
Party tonight was at Aloha’s place…she cooked the most marvellous marinated chicken…and we had salad and fruit and chips and dips and wine….

We all talked about our days and what we saw…and a little politics…very little! The revolution has to wait until after we finish the party!

So without further ado…Pictures

Aloha, Sally, and Smokie the Pootie!

ShirlStars and Man Eegee starting with Munchies

SallyCat, ShirlStars, SanDiegoDem, Man Eegee – hanging out on Aloha’s balcony

Kamakhya & ShirlStars checking the Wine Collection

SanDiegoDem and Man Eegee watching the sunset

Babaloo, ShirlStars, Kamakhya…

The Saturday Night Gang
Kamakhya, Babaloo, ShirlStars, Diane101, Man Eegee
Cali-Scribe, SallyCat, AlohaLeezy, SanDeigoDem

Sunset…and the party goes on!

More edits and comments from the crew shortly….

We love the fact that we had a place to meet called Booman Tribune…and the reunion is going on! We have so much love here it we are going to float home!

Love and hugs and smoochies…

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