As a person who has a great deal of concern for the mental health, stability and wellbeing of wingnutia, I was pleased to see that the Washington Post is running a front page story in Monday’s paper about the health care clinics being built in Iraq. Here’s a little of the good news that wingnuts and the Bush Administration have been begging to see highlighted.

BAGHDAD — A reconstruction contract for the building of 142 primary health centers across Iraq is running out of money, after two years and roughly $200 million, with no more than 20 clinics now expected to be completed, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers says.

The contract, awarded to U.S. construction giant Parsons Inc. in the flush, early days of reconstruction in Iraq, was expected to lay the foundation of a modern health care system for the country, putting quality medical care within reach of all Iraqis.

Parsons, according to the Corps, will walk away from more than 120 clinics that on average are two-thirds finished. Auditors say the project serves as a warning for other U.S. reconstruction efforts due to be completed this year[…]

Coming with little public warning, the 86 percent shortfall of completions dismayed the World Health Organization’s representative for Iraq. “That’s not good. That’s shocking,” Naeema al-Gasseer said by telephone from Cairo. “We’re not sending the right message here. That’s affecting people’s expectations and people’s trust, I must say.”

Hmm…an 86 percent shortfall? Oh crap! That’s not good news, now is it? I feel like such a fool. I’m sorry. Really, I am. Well, in better news, there is a new My Little Pony Roleplaying Game in the works. Buy a copy for your favorite wingnut. I’m sure it will go a long way towards providing that false sense of well being they seem to crave. As for myself, I’m sending one to Kaye Grogan.

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