Eric Massa is a Fighting Dem, running for the House in New York state.

“A Dem Party that is factionalized — grassroots versus organized leadership, Beltway versus outsiders, political pros versus upcoming novices, vets versus non-vets, liberal versus moderate, red state versus blue state, northeast versus heartland, ideological purity versus political expediency, or any other divisiveness that we are so prone to promulgate — is a party that is preparing for election suicide. If recent polls are any indication, we have a great opportunity this fall. We cannot afford to squander that opportunity by getting bogged down in internecine warfare. We have to recognize that the face of the enemy is George Bush and his henchmen, who, in Wes Clark’s words in the Dem radio address last night, have led us nowhere. At least he has led us to some place no one wants to be.

When the netroots, grassroots and the DCCC or the DSCC work together, they can accomplish a lot more than either one alone. The Massa campaign helped organize local grassroots response to President Bush’s recent visit to NY-29. The netroots also got involved and helped get the word out nationally. The DCCC coordinated some with us in these efforts and later Congressman Marion Berry of Arkansas gave the weekly radio address on the same topic. This was a much more effective effort than could have been made if there were no cooperation. The DCCC, DSCC and others need to listen to the netroots and grassroots and try to work with them as much as possible. And vice versa.

It goes without saying that we need to have a dialogue over what makes one a better candidate and discuss how the limited resources of the DCCC, the DSCC, and other resources such as PACs might be better allocated to multiple candidates instead of a select few — we need to level the playing field. In spite of the impression that all the Fighting Dem Vets have been getting institutional and national support, for example, only a select few have gotten much support at all. They are a true grassroots effort and have stepped into the breach to fight in districts long abandoned by the Democrats and GOP incumbents that were not challenged in 2004.

Reacting to criticism and to deflect attacks, the DCCC has made it a point to say that they do not support FDs across the board. This in fact is true. It is also not the best strategy to follow. The idea of selecting a few critical races has its merits, but in this year of unparalleled opportunity to take back Congress, just a matter of $5,000 to a Fighting Dem campaign, vet or non-vet, would be a huge incentive and help prime the pump for more funds. Giving money to what seem to be marginal races can be a better investment than a high profile race, especially in a year that has potential for upset victories.”

-Eric Massa on MyDD.

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