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Well finally I think I am able to write the memoirs of the fabulous Socal Meetup.
For Shirl and I it started with the delightful train ride to Solano Beach, where we were met by Aloha and Sallycat.  They spied us first from the top of the station, shouting Diane, Diane, we looked up and there they were.  It was later discovered they pointed to the elevator to take us up however we missed that and took the long ramp, finally making it to the top.  Hugs all around, lots of ‘it’s really you’, excited words spilling out, ride back to Hotel and then on to Aloha’s apartment.
Aloha’s apartment was so beautiful, like out of the page of a magazine, all terra cotta’s, golds, greens, african, mexican decor all tied together perfectly…and a long balcony across one end of the place where we spent much of the time talking and smoking.
Shirl, Sally and I returned to the hotel to rest and then returned around 5 to Aloha’s.  Next to arrive was San Diego Dem, then Cali Scribe, Kamakya and Babaloo, and finally the piece de resistance, Maneegee.  Well he was literally mobbed by all of us fems. and hugged with gusto.
On to dinner at a posh restaurant, where it was so loud and noisy we couldn’t hear from one end of the table to the other, so we missed out on some conversations.  Back to Aloha’s for a regroup, some talk and then back to hotels for some much needed rest.
Sat morning, Sally, aloha, Shirl and I got together for coffee and breakfast, and lots of chatting and bonding, tears and laughter abounded.
Rest time again for Alhoa, Shirl and I,  Sally the intrepid, then embarked on a ocean kyaking adventure, While the others made a trip to Sea World.
We all met again for a barbecue that night, and a good time was had by all, more laughter, hugging, sharing, blogging of course, taking pics., smoking on the balcony, etc.  Aloha wanted us to hear this one song, and then started to dance, we all watched entranced as she danced out the song and near the end, San Diego, Sally and I jumped up to join in and it was great, much joy to be and share in the moment.

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Soon after that most of us retired for the night, smiles on our faces, joy in our hearts.
Sunday morning we all met briefly for a goodby, group hugs, some tears, some sadness, but happy that we had shared this time together….I don’t think any of of will forget it.
Some observations:
First of all everyone was wonderful to meet in person, so many added dimensions added to the words we already new and much better looking in person.
Aloha, great hostess and lots of fun to be around, is a lot like she sounds, but better in person as everyone was.
Caliscribe, the only way to describe her is cute, she is just the most animated person to talk to and always has a smile on her face.
Sally the no nonsense athlete, hard to imagine she is a controller in real life, seems so opposite of the outdoor girl I saw, but sweet and kind and lots of fun.
Manee, handsome and articulate, his demeanor of a strong and wise man full of fun and laughter.
Kamakya and Bobaloo, and the two delightful young girls (Kamahya’s daughter and friend) with them were so much fun and we were especially impressed with the girls.
San Diego Dem, gorgeous with long brown hair, thought she was 25 but no, a mother of a 20 yr. old.
All in all it was a wonderful weekend I would not have missed and I shall treasure the memories forever.
I still have not edited all the pics, but when I do I will put them on a yahoo photo site for all to view.
Love and hugs to all!!!!

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