In my earlier post Bush: “Leaker-in-Chief,” I quoted Peter Daou:

“The question over the next several days is whether or not we’ll get a functioning triangle on the left, a coming together of the netroots, the Democratic establishment and the press to bring this story to a head.”

Now John Kerry, certainly a leader of “the Democratic establishment,” has stepped up to the mike, and here’s a bit of what he said:

The Bush administration is wondering when Iraq will have a functioning government. I want to know when we’re going to have a functioning government.Tell the truth. Fire the incompetents. Find Osama bin Laden and secure our ports and our homeland. Bring our troops home from Iraq. Obey the law and protect our civil rights,” Mr. Kerry said in ticking off his list, which also included supporting health care, education, lobbying reform and alternatives to oil, as well as reducing the deficit.

Maybe this incident won’t “follow a long string of similar outrages into the memory hole,” as Daou feared.

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