As we approach this very last Great American Summer, the neocons have clearly given up on boiling the frog.  Time’s up.  Now they plan to place it firmly underfoot, take aim, and pull the trigger . . . war it will be.

What transpires over the six short months before Election Day ought to be a steady eruption of hidden Republican corruption, and a steady erosion of patience and polity on the part of the public. Scandal alone should sink the GOP.

We ought to arrive at the second Tuesday in November with sufficient supply of tar and feathers to finish off the neocon experiment in full frontier fashion, and then begin to take back something of what’s been stolen from current and future generations.
Ah, but cruising into that bruising won’t do, for this Administration. So, they can be relied upon to overturn the table before then. All cards up in the air, all bets are off the moment we strike Iran. Nuclear or not, it doesn’t matter. If the neocons don’t change that regime, their own regime is forfeit.

They will go for broke. They’ll hit Iran. But there is no military solution to the political corner they’ve painted themselves into in the Middle East. It’s like fixing a Swiss watch with a hammer: the moment you begin, you are also all done.

But they will try, and in short order Americans will enter an uncharted economic era with their pockets and prospects picked clean. An era of no real choices, and no real opportunities. That’s when black flags will fly, and bloody murder will be both the mood and the method of the masses.

While the neocons count — incredibly count — on a quick collapse of the parlous Persians for their salvation and safety before November, alas, nothing can deliver them now. They have so divided and reduced America through their lying and looting that we are incapable of anything but further decline.

It’s over. The high water mark of the American Empire was Bush landing on that aircraft carrier with an extra pair of socks stuffed down his skivvies. That was it. That’s his legacy. That’s as high as we’re ever going to piss on the pillar of Ozymandias.

The money, the means, the military, and the manufacturing base that would have let us make war on the whole planet and win, that would have allowed us to attain full spectrum dominance of everyone, everywhere, all the time — has either been looted, lost, broken, or sold by the very neocon nutcases who so wanted that Empire — on the cheap.

Perhaps it is best that the neocon’s grasp for glory this year will make our decline rapid, instead of tawdry and tedious, for the sooner we start back down the road to being a nation among other nations, the closer to reality we will be.

Despite all this neocon narcissism and military madness, that is who we are. One nation. We, the people, governing ourselves. Not other people.

We aren’t royalty.  We aren’t the destined masters of the planet. We aren’t God’s holy warriors. We aren’t the meanest mofos in the valley. We aren’t lords over anyone, anywhere.

We are free people. We made ourselves free. We make ourselves free.

And free is the single greatest thing to be.