Welcome back!

This week I will be continuing with the painting of the old nineteenth century Elephant Hotel in my town, Somers, New York.  It is currently used to house the  town government.  It is seen in the photo below.


Once again, this piece is being done for an exhibition of residents’ artwork depicting the structure, in celebration of the Elephant Hotel being listed on the National Register.

Last week we left the painting as it appears directly below.

Since that time I’ve been refining the painting.  Although there may seem to be only limited progress, the main elements are closer to their final appearance.  The forms have far greater clarity and the colors are now less transparent.  The painting is seen below.

I still have to further refine the components and add a number of details.

Note that although I’ve been mixing the green and have lightened the blue, these colors are mostly standard out of the tube colors.  Largely that is due to the time constraints on this piece.  My entry has to be submitted by a date certain and I haven’t much time.  Although I’m stretching this work over a 4 week period, it was actually done in a few hours spread over a few days.

Next week I’ll show the completed work.  See you then.

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