Some random thoughts that make a point, I think.

Oil companies get huge wood over Bush policies and Cheney (I’m sure medically aided) gets even huger wood because he’s getting paid by Big Oil as a sitting Vice President.  As Napoleon Dynamite would say…”Sweet.”

The government is bankrupt….I mean really bankrupt….not as a metaphor for Bush’s fucked up polcies.

Bush has never met a Saudi prince he didn’t like or hold hands with.  (For the life of me, I can’t figure out which one runs home and does a Howard Hughes on their hands first.)

Bush compromised the nation’s safety and defense by halting the action against al Quaeda and invaded Iraq for (pick one) the following reasons; to get those damn WMD, to revenge Bush Daddy, to bring democracy (and our brand of torture) to the Middle East because there’s so little of one and so much of the other, to secure our access to cheap oil, and finally to see if the invasion would make Cheney’s priapus go down.

Now Bush wants to invade Iran to make sure they don’t develop nuclear weapons.  And he can’t figure out why nobody believes the little fucking wolf-cryer.

Get what all  these things to: Jack Up the Price of Oil.  Every oil analyst says that the uncertain situation in Iran and Iraq is they key factor in skyrocketing oil prices. Which is precisely this Prez’nit’s agenda.  

Thank God Karl Marx is down but not out.  His analysis of capitallism is still the best ever, even though his revolutionary notions (funded by the way by Engels’s rich industrialist father) were feverish fantasies.

Back in the “good old days” capitalists actually gave a shit about their home country.  Now global capitalism is all about the free flow of capital into the hands of fewer and fewer people , the free flow of cheap labor and the free flow of jobs to the locaiton where even cheaper labor can be found, NAFTA, WTO, etc etc.  

It’s time to resurrect Wobblies. It’s time for “taxpayers” to become citizens again and take back their own government and subject the whims of capitalism to the regulation of what’s good for people.  

And it’s time to impeach the peach of shit that currently lives in the White House.  

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