Since I’m the guy who opened the topic of setting the date for a large Tuesday, September 5th boycott/work stoppage, I guess I should open a thread for discussion of the topic.

Why September 5th?

It’s the day vacations traditionally end and workers and students all go back to work and school. It the day that everyone’s focus is supposed to return to “business as usual.”
Targeting that date would draw a heightened level of focus upon the act of refusing to return to “business as usual.”

Any/all organizing would have to include immigrant civil rights groups from day 1. These groups have demonstrated they are organized in ways we can only dream about at this point. As a result, the specific theme of the event should be chosen after their input for a theme of a shared action has been heard. A general theme of “Enough is Enough” or “Just Stop It” seems to be popular, though.

I’m using this thread to open the floor to further discussion and development of the concept.

(Cross-posted at My Left Wing)

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