Update [2006-5-17 10:25:6 by howieinseattle]:: “Olbermann reported that special prosecutor Fitzgerald was in town yesterday for business in the Scooter Libby case and we know that the grand jury handling the CIA leak case usually meets on Wednesdays and Fridays. It’s not too big a stretch to wonder, as Keith did, if Fitzgerald will be arriving at the courthouse today for some work with the CIA leak grand jury. If so, the indictment could be handed up and announced later today (or later in the week too, I suppose.)

Of course, the wait for Fitzmas could continue and continue and continue…”-from reality-based educator.

Update [2006-5-16 21:5:51 by howieinseattle]: The Jason Leopold interview is now available on the show’s home page.

Ed Schultz just announced that (1) He believes Leopold is a good journalist and
(2) Leopold will be a guest on his show today.

The show airs until 3PM (Pacific Time) live online and on 1090AM in Seattle. Or, find a station near you.

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