If this is true, it means that they knew ahead of time, and let it happen.  From RAW STORY:

In AN ALTERNET EXCLUSIVE THURSDAY, former New York Times reporter Judy Miller tells Rory O’Connor and William Scott Malone about the story she’ll regret for the rest of her life — the fact that an anonymous White House source told her in July 2001 that an NSA intelligence report predicted a large al Qaeda attack, possibly on the continental United States, RAW STORY has learned.

“I think everybody knew that an attack was coming — everyone who followed this. But you know you can only ‘cry wolf’ within a newspaper… before people start saying there he goes — or there she goes — again!” Miller says in an interview.

Alternet article is here.

The New York Times bears part of the responsibility for this.  But why is she coming clean now?

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