Focus South Dakota will have representatives at YearlyKos and would like to hang with other like-minded, Pro-choice Kossacks and update you on what we are doing. We won’t be having any formal events, but we might have a few informal ones once we’re down there.
In case you haven’t heard, Focus South Dakota is the force behind the fight to overturn the extreme anti-abortion legislation in South Dakota.  The law, HB 1215, is a sweeping unconstitutional abortion ban which was signed by South Dakota’s conservative Republican Governor, Mike Rounds, in March and we are on the war path to overturn it on the ballot in November.

With our partners in the field, the Campaign for Healthy Families, we collected over 38,000 signatures to meet the ballot requirement to make it official last week.

We are wheels down tonight and will be at the conference through Sunday morning.  We’ve already RSVP’ed for Governor Mark Warner’s Blogosphere at the Stratosphere, looks like that’s gonna be a blast.

If you want to get in touch with us while your down there, learn about the campaign or grab a drink, simply get in touch with by e-mail at

Kimberly.scott [at]focussouthdakota[dot]org

Kimberly Scott

National Chair, Focus South Dakota

Or get in touch with my Associate Nate de la Piedra who will also be in Vegas at fightback[at]focussouthdakota[dot]org

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