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It’s a sad sad story when a mother will teach her
Daughter that she ought to hate a perfect stranger
“Not Ready To Make Nice” by Dixie Chicks

Earlier this month, there was a custody battle regarding two young teens who have gained national attention for their white supremacist song.

The parents of the Gaede twins have been in a bitter custody dispute. The girls’ father thinks they are being poisoned by their mother, a self-professed white seperatist.

The two young teens in question are the Hitler-loving teenybopper twins Prussian Blue – the 13-year-old twins; Lynxe and Lamb Gaede. Their mother, April Gaede, manages the group. Oddly enough, they have been called the neo-Nazi movement’s Olsen twins.
These adolescents are being raised to believe in “White nationalism.” The Southern Poverty Law Center reports

Since joining the neo-Nazi National Alliance in 2001, Gaede and her girls have become prominent ambassadors of hate, thanks in no small part to Gaede’s dogged determination to turn her 12-year-olds into racist pop stars.

Gaede herself grew up on goat’s milk and Third Reich footage in the foothills of Fresno (the family now lives in Bakersfield), the daughter of a rancher who branded horses with swastikas. A college dropout, she married a man she describes as a pot-smoking Icelandic pole-vaulter when she was 20, giving birth to Lynx and Lamb in 1993.

The father decided to sue the mother for custody and he admitted that he had been a bad father but would like a second chance because the mother is warping and ruining the girls. In fact the mother doesn’t deny it.

“I’m a racist … I believe there are differences in races. Everybody’s a racist. There are two kinds of people. Those who deny being racist, and then the honest folks,” said April Gaude.

It seems that the jackbootedness roots runs deep, it seems that it has been passed down from father to daughter as it evident with Apri. According to a 2005 ABC report, April’s father is also involved in neo-nazism and is not afraid to show is belief. The Nazi swastika can be seen on his belt buckle, on the side of his pick-up truck and have even gone so far to register his cattle brand to the Bureau of Livestock Identification.

“Because it’s provocative,” explains April of the cattle brand, “to him he thinks it’s important as a symbol of freedom of speech that he can use it as his cattle brand.”

Back in 1997, April divorced the twins’ father, Kris Lingelser for domestic violence and drug abuse, after obtaining a restraining order against him in 1996. However, Kris says he’s changed and the reason he wants custody, he would like to unbrainwash the girls.

“I would hope that they could see a white separatist attitude, where whites and blacks and Mexicans and everybody needs to live in their own separate universe is not healthy. It’s not what this country is about, it’s not what I’m about. I would just hope that they could see that.”

What are the words are found in the twins song? In the song “Sacrifice” — the song is nothing more but a tribute to Nazi Rudolf Hess, Hitler’s deputy Fuhrer. The lyrics praise Hess as a “man of peace who wouldn’t give up.” In their song “Aryan Man“:

When the man who plows the fields is driven from his lands. When the carpenter must give away what he’s built with his own hands. When a mother’s only children belong to her no more. And black masked men with guns come bashing down the doors. Where freedom exists for only those with darker skin. Where lies and propaganda will never let you win. Where symbols of your heritage are held with such contempt, and benefits of country ‘cept tax are you exempt .

Aryan man awake, How much more will you take, Turn that fear to hate, Aryan man awake.

What will it take for you to remember your own folk? What will it take for you to break that heavy yoke? Why do you still cast your eyes downward to the ground? Worry lest what you say have prejudicial sound. Who will stand beside us when the war begins? Who will run and hide their heads and wait to see who wins? Who will face the end and watch a Valkyrie ride forth To join the gods and fallen stormtroopers of the North?

One would figure the judge would rule in favor of the father. Nope, Mommy Dearest won the custody battle. But what the judge has done is nothing more but help contribute to the hate movement. By allowing them to stay with their mother, the judge has helped Erich Gliebe, operator of one of the nation’s most notorious hate music labels, Resistance Records, accomplish his goal who hopes Lynx and Lamb will help expand the base of the White Nationalist cause.

“Eleven and 12 years old,” he said, “I think that’s the perfect age to start grooming kids and instill in them a strong racial identity.”

One has to wonder if the judge the ever talked to the twins and would continue their being raised as racists. It is apparent that these girls are just parroting April’s racist beliefs. In the ABC interview with Prussian Blue conducted by Cynthia McFadden it seems these teens are just repeating what April and National Allance has told them to say.

McFADDEN: And what’s your opinion on Hitler?

LAMB: I think that he had … he wanted to preserve his base.

McFADDEN: He had 6 million Jews executed.

LAMB: I think that’s an exaggeration.

McFADDEN: You do.

LAMB: Yes.

LYNX: I hardly believe there are even that many Jews alive back then.

McFADDEN: Is Hitler someone you admire or someone you don’t admire? … You think he was a great man?

LYNX: Yeah, I think he did a lot — he had a lot of good ideas.

I guess we can thank the judge for returning these two young adolescents back to a dangerous home. We have seen what can become of teens who grow up hate in their heart.

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is shocked and appalled by the beating and sodomizing of a 16-year-old Spring boy … Investigators have been quoted as saying the victim was beaten by two young white men who stomped on his head while insulting his Mexican heritage. Allegedly one of those two men wears racist tattoos and purports to be a skinhead.

What the hell was the judge thinking? The Pendejo Award would have to go to the judge for his bonehead judgment.