Via Scout Prime at First Draft, I discovered this story comparing how the reconstruction of New Orleans compares to the rebuilding efforts in Asia after the Tsunami:

Tsunami relief workers shocked by 9th Ward tour, say they expected more signs of recovery

05:10 PM CDT on Friday, June 23, 2006

Bill Capo / WWL-TV Eyewitness News Reporter

Two leaders of the Asian Coalition for Housing Rights who have spent the last 18-months helping victims of last year’s Tsunami took a walk through the Lower Ninth Ward Friday.

Their reaction was one of shock, because they said they expected to see more signs of recovery from Hurricane Katrina.

“We think of America as being this fabulous, powerful superpower, and it’s exactly like Third World situations,” said Tom Kerr.

“In my personal opinion, I think you should have done much, much faster. It should be much better than what I have seen today,” said Samsook Boonyabancha. […]

“The fact that the relief and the support for people who live here is so minimal even though there is so much money in this country, it’s really shocking,” said Kerr.

Yes, George “the Compassionate” Bush, and his GOP friends in Congress have done a bang up job when it comes to helping others less fortunate than themselves. By screwing up the Katrina relief effort they have given hope to all the third world countries devastated by natural disasters. No matter how difficult it may be for their people to recover from the effects of such catastrophes, at least they are doing no worse than the World’s Only Superpower when it comes to helping its own citizens in time of need.

I can’t say enough how grateful I am to our President for making our country no better than any two bit, tin horn, slum ridden dictatorship when it comes to providing for the general welfare of our people. Just think of the morale boost that has to give all those poor down trodden developing countries. Mr. Bush, I salute you. It seems you really do believe that all people should be treated equally, after all.

I know it’s too late to give Our Leader the UN’s Global Humanitarian Award this year (curse you Angelina Jolie for all your good deeds!), but its never too soon to start the ball rolling on his nomination for 2007. Karl, you listening?

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