I met Brenda, a 50-something former Democrat at last week’s Juneteenth festival in San Francisco. Corruption is clearly turning people who were once politically active into non-voters. Because of Brenda’s belief that Jesus Christ will return and solve all of our problems, there is nothing activists or politicans can do to convince her to vote again. I met several Republicans on my road trip who said they don’t care about the state of the environment, education, healthcare, etc… because they too believe Jesus Christ will soon return. The difference is, they tend to vote.
Do you vote?

No. I no longer believe in the system. My government is God’s government. If you look at history, you’ll see that things are getting worse. They’re not getting better. I don’t care how many people vote. Nothing is changing. I used to vote. I used to campaign. I used to put flyers on doors. I used to register people to vote. After I saw all the corruption and lies, I said no more.

Do you think you can make a difference at the local level? San Francisco has the highest minimum wage in the country because the voters passed the proposition. Does that matter?

But that’s not my concern. I’m gonna keep going back to what I said before. When Jesus Christ comes back and changes everything, people will not be sick, they will not be homeless, they will not have to worry about medical benefits. Everything will be perfect.

Politician make promises, but they really can’t keep them because of the simple fact that they are beholden to lobbyists and people who have contributed to their campaign.

I believe in a new system and that system is Jehovah’s system because he is the only person that can change the hunger, the crime and the disappointments.

And when is that going to happen?

Only God knows.

When you were voting, were you a Democrat or a Republican?

I was a Democrat.


Because I felt that that party looked out for the common person: someone who is struggling and working hard. But everything is so totally corrupt. It doesn’t matter who’s in office. It’s just not for me anymore.

Will you ever vote again?

There is no way I’m ever voting again. My trust is in a higher power.

Do you still keep up with issues?

No. I hardly ever watch television news because it saddens and depresses me, but I know what’s going on because I hear people talk about different issues.

What would you tell Democrats who say, ‘We need you. Our country is a mess and we need you back.’

I would tell them that they need to start studying their bible. We need them to focus on spiritual issues. Once that’s taken care of, things will be better. This time is gonna go by so quickly. I’m in my 50s and I’m working on myself and my spiritual needs and I feel so much better.

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