If we are going to win back the Senate we need to hold all our current seats, including the seat of retiring Jim Jeffords of Vermont, and win at least six of the following races.

Allen, George- (R – VA) versus James Webb
Burns, Conrad- (R – MT) versus Jon Tester
Chafee, Lincoln- (R – RI) versus Sheldon Whitehouse
DeWine, Mike- (R – OH) versus Sherrod Brown
Ensign, John- (R – NV) versus Jack Carter
Frist, William H.- (R – TN) retiring (primary on August 3rd) versus Harold Ford Jr.
Hatch, Orrin G.- (R – UT) versus Peter Ashdown
Hutchison, Kay Bailey- (R – TX) versus Barbara Ann Radnofsky
Kyl, Jon- (R – AZ) versus Jim Pederson
Lott, Trent- (R – MS) versus Erik Fleming
Lugar, Richard G.- (R – IN) as far as I can tell, he is currently unopposed and the Dems have until tomorrow to file a candidate.
Santorum, Rick- (R – PA) versus Bob Casey, Jr.
Snowe, Olympia J.- (R – ME) versus Booman Tribune member, Jean Hay Bright
Talent, James M.- (R – MO) versus Claire McCaskill
Thomas, Craig- (R – WY) versus Dale Groutage

Our best chances are in Pennsylvania and Montana. We are currently leading in the Missouri race. After that, it gets very tough. He have a good chance of winning in Ohio and in Rhode Island. That gets us to five. We need one more. I’d love for Booman Tribune to have our very own Senator from Maine, but Olympia Snowe is a very strong candidate. Our best chance for a sixth seat looks to be in Virginia, although I have high hopes for the Nevada, Tennessee, and Arizona seats as well. Our chances in Utah, Mississippi, Wyoming, and Indiana are next to nil. But if you like any of the candidates, please consider giving them some assistance.

As you can see, we do not have the luxury of being puritans about these races. Several of our more competitive candidates are fairly far to the right. We have women running in Maine, Missouri, and Texas, and we have (very conservative) African-Americans running in Mississippi and Tennessee. In Utah, we have a self-described computer geek. In Wyoming we have a scientist that designed submarines and missiles for the Navy. Sarah Carter, the ex-President’s granddaughter, has a diary up at Daily Kos asking for contributions. She wants to make her Daddy look good with quarter ending tomorrow.

If you make a contribution to any of these candidates, and I hope you will, please add a few pennies so they know it came from the netroots.

Which candidate are you most excited about?

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