I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears when I saw this report from CBS News. Well, on second thought…

It seems that the executives at CBS are getting the message with respect to the New York Times insanity. Shame on you, CBS. Shame on you!!

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Here’s the transcript:

CBS REPORTER: In the years when baby boomers were growing up, baby boomers had a certain look. Truman and Eisenhower may have looked distinguished and experienced, but let’s face it — they also looked old.

Not anymore.

As the baby boomer in chief approaches his birthday this week, he’s in top shape — Even if he seems to be dreading the big six-o just a bit.

BUSH: I’m not supposed to talk about myself, but in a month I’m turning sixty. For you youngsters, I want to tell you something, when I was your age — I thought 60 was really old. (laughter). It’s all in your mind. It’s not that old, really.

CBS REPORTER: But according to reliable sources — GQ Magazine in this case — the president wears his age well.

GQ GUY: He’s in terrific shape for a guy his age — for any age, really. I mean, he’s probably our fittest president ever.

CBS REPORTER: A remarkable feat considering that during his five years in office this president has dealt with 911, wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and a constant threat of terrorism. Not all president’s have worn their troubles quite so well.

The nation saw Lyndon Johnson age tremendously during Vietnam.

Watergate certainly took its toll on Richard Nixon.

And the strain dealing with the Iran hostage crisis showed clearly on Jimmy Carter.

The president’s predecessor, Bill Clinton, who turns 60 next month, aged visibly during his two terms. And of course, he’s had open heart surgery.

As for Mr. Bush — he doesn’t just look healthy — he’s got the resting heart-rate of an athlete at 47-52 beats per minute. His blood pressure is 110 over 64. His total cholesterol is 178. His doctors proclaimed him in excellent health and fit for duty. And he actually lost 8 pounds last year. Now how many of us can say that?

Still, family genes may also help. Afterall, president Bush’s father — former president Bush — jumped out of an airplane to celebrate his 75th and then his 80th birthday.

This president Bush is going to skip the skydiving and neither the whitehouse or family or friends are sharing any details how the president plans to mark the big day this Thursday. Afterall, it is one of those round-number birthdays. 60! Maybe it’s better to just get it over with.

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