My apologies, but it had to be done… feel free to add some of your own favorite portraits and quotes… ; )

George Washington

“Worst in War… Worst in Peace… and Worst in the hearts of his countrymen”

“I cannot not tell a lie…”

Benjamin Franklin

“A snitch and slime saves time…”

“Surly to bed, surly to rise, makes a man stealthy, and stick to his lies…”

Patrick Henry

“Give them liberty or kill them all…”

Nathan Hale

“I regret that I have but given 2535 lives for their country…”

Benedict Arnold

“Having … become a cripple in the service of Connecticut, I little expected to meet (such) ungrateful returns,”

Thomas Jefferson

“A coward is much more disposed to quarrel with a man of spirit. “

“A democracy is nothing more than a gerrymander, where thirty-five percent of the people conspire to take away the rights of the other sixty-five.”

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