How cute! The big league media is discussing bloggers again. The new take? We’ve all lost our purity and, therefore, our credibility because Markos hit the bigtime. I’d be angrier with Franklin Foer if his quote actually said what it is supposed to say…but it doesn’t. And Zengerle is still a cry baby.

Franklin Foer, editor of The New Republic, said he was not impressed with the Daily Kos crowd.

“The liberal blogosphere are a group of people who feel incredibly disenfranchised. They feel their country’s been hijacked and they’re essentially powerless and the only way to stop it is to scream as loudly as you can,” Foer said.

The mainstream media coverage has not produced any definitive proof of the alleged misdeeds of Moulitsas or Armstrong, but [Richard] Bradley, [the former editor of George Magazine], for his part, thinks the idealism of the blogosphere has already vanished.

“I would say the loss of innocence moment probably came before,” he said. “Look, when bloggers start getting hired as consultants at political campaigns and when Mark Warner spends $50,000 on a party for bloggers, the purity is already gone. That’s it, it’s over, it’s history. The second that happens, self-consciousness has arrived. And that image of bloggers sitting at home, pouring out the unadulterated truth, freed from impurities from the outside world, is lost.”

It’s not lost. It’s only lost for those people that have moved on to positions of power and influence. Blogging. Over before it arrived.